Poker Indonesia – Empat wanita yang menang di meja Poker

Poker Indonesia - Empat wanita yang menang di meja Poker

Poker Indonesia – Sementara wanita mungkin tidak diwakili dengan baik pada tingkat keuangan di bidang olahraga yang kompetitif, seseorang pasti melihat para wanita meraih jackpot. Sementara banyak yang akan mempertanyakan fisik olahraga, lebih sedikit, mungkin, akan mempertanyakan jumlah keterampilan yang terlibat dalam permainan yang melibatkan hanya dua kartu di tangan Anda.

Poker Indonesia – Empat wanita yang menang di meja Poker

Tapi, untungnya bagi penggemar poker, wanita mengelola untuk mendominasi turnamen di setiap level. Dalam beberapa kasus, pemain yang sukses telah mampu memenangkan turnamen tujuh angka baik secara online maupun dalam turnamen langsung. Jadi, dalam artikel ini, kami melihat beberapa wanita yang menang penuh waktu di meja poker.

Annette Obrestrad One of the most influential players to hit our list is the ever-brilliant Annette Obrestrad. After famously winning the inaugural World Series of Poker Europe Main Event just before her 19th birthday, Anette went on to feature in a number of high profile poker events. In regards to her online poker, Annette claims never to have deposited in an account, instead preferring to build up her bankroll from free rolls.

She famously won an online multi-table tournament with tape across her cards, never looking to peek once. Later, when her hand history was uploaded to the internet, she was seen to bluff effectively with nothing and, at the same time, fold aces to limps and worse.

Daftar Poker Online Kara Scott Kara Scott has spent the past ten years on our television screens – either in the studio, or on the tables. After winning a hefty £26,000 in her first recognised cash, she went on to present Canada’s very own “High Stakes Backgammon”, before moving over to “Poker Night Live”. Having spent many years travelling the casinos of the UK, Kara now lives in California where she plays under the banner of 888 Poker as an ambassador.

Victoria “Vicky” Coren Vicky Coren was one of the first women to do almost everything in high stakes poker. She was the first female player to win an event on the European Poker Tour, the first to win a televised professional tournament, the first to win celebrity tournament and, finally, the first to win two separate EPT events.

Vanessa Selbst I think most would agree that Vanessa Selbst has some of the finest statistics in the game. Having cemented over $11 million in tournament prize money, she has cashed in most recognised and regular events. To date, Vanessa’s biggest cash was a first prize jackpot of $1.4m dollars, which she took home in 2013. Just months later, in January 2014, she finished third in the PCA 2014 Super High Roller, netting over $750k – and hitting third in a similar event, earning $600k just a week later.